Extra smelly down there these days

Im a female and these days my panties get extra smelly at the end of the day. Does it have to do with the extra sweat under the hot weather, something to do with my diet which affects the smell of my secretion, or am I sick?

Hello, did you try any symptoms like this before? Can you please describe the discharge?

Colour is normal

Just to make sure a few things:

  1. How did your wear these days?
  2. Did you have sex or masturbate before noticing the smelly discharge?
  3. Any other discomfort felt?

Well your responses have told me that I’m the abnormal one here, will go see doctor today. Thanks for your help!

Glad to hear that. Hope you have a speedy recovery. :blush:

Here are some tips for you:

  1. Avoid tight pants, pantyhose or leggings which is stuffy to your delicate part. Try to put on dresses and cotton underwears.

  2. Change pantyliners or napkins frequently to avoid getting too moist down there.

  3. Refrain from having sex or masturbate until the symptoms cleared up.